9. Waste (NFR sector 6)

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Short description

NFR 6 - Waste consists of the following main categories for reporting of emissions from both solid waste and waste-water:

NFR Code Name of Category
6 Waste
6.A Solid waste disposal on land
6.B Waste-water handling
6.C Waste incineration
6.D Other waste

Germany does not report any emissions from NFR 6 categories 6.A, 6.B and 6.D, providing notation key NA instead.

Within category 6.C - Waste incineration, Germany only reports emissions from NFR 6.C.d - Cremation. For all other sub-categories of NFR 6.C, as all waste incineration in Germany is carried out with energy recovery and in order to avoid double counting, resulting emissions are reported as not occuring (NO) under NFR 6.C but are included in energy sector NFR 1.

NFR Code Name of Category
6.C Waste incineration
6.C.a Clinical waste incineration
6.C.b Industrial waste incineration
6.C.c Municipal waste incineration
6.C.d Cremation
6.C.e Small scale waste burning

Visual overview

Chart showing emission trends for main pollutants in NFR 6 - Waste:

The following pie charts show the contribution of the six general NFR sectors to the national total emisson. The data is displayed by pollutant and for the latest reporting year. Click any chart to enlarge.

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