2.C Metal Industry

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2.C Metal Industry
2.C.1 Iron and Steel Production
2.C.2 Ferroalloys Production
2.C.3 Aluminum Production
2.C.5 Other Metal Industry

Source category 2.C is sub-divided into sub-categories 2.C.1 to 2.C.5.

In the CSE data base, sub-category Iron and steel production (2.C.1) includes sinter production, pig-iron production, oxygen steel production, electric steel production, hot and cold rolling and iron and steel castings. Production of ferroalloys (2.C.2) is listed directly as such in the CSE. Aluminium production (2.C.3) is sub-divided into primary aluminium and remelted aluminium. Sub-category Other (2.C.5) includes lead production, thermal galvanisation, copper production and zinc production.

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