11.2 Improvements

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Improvements since 2011 submission

The following changes were introduced since the 2011 submission, mainly due to review activities:

  • newly reported HM emissions from power generation using waste as fuel (NFR 1.A)
  • use of ETS activity data (NFR 1.A.3.e)
  • update of animal numbers (NFR 4.B.6, NFR 4.B.8, NFR 4.B.9)
  • revision of animal feeding data (NFR 4.B.1, NFR 4.B.8)
  • improved methods for the calculation of N excretions (NFR 4.B.1, NFR 4.B.9c)
  • revision of the N content of bedding material (straw) in straw based systems (NFR 4.B)
  • update of frequency distributions for housing and storage facilities as well as manure application techniques (based on the official agricultural census in 2010 and the inquiry in manure application procedures for 2010) (NFR 4.B)

Planned for future submissions

The key instrument to systematically identify and adress issues for improvement is a functioning QC/QA-System as exemplarily pointed out by the IPCC Good Practice Guidance. Consequently one of the major goals aspired by Germany is the entry into force of such a system for the reporting under UNECE-CLRTAP. Since extensive labor is needed to elaborate a well established instrument that serves the desired needs, such undertaking takes time. Out of that reason and due to limited resources germany intends to establish a quality system on a step by step basis.

Necessary steps as can be seen today are the following:

  • development and entry into force of a role concept and related responsibilities
  • establishing a workflow (roles and responsibilities)
  • definition of key- and subprocesses in line with reporting under UNECE-CLRTAP
  • definition and entry into force of process-based checklists for QC/QA
  • development and entry into force of an improvement plan

Possible improvement issues that have been identified so far and will be checked in the future are given below:

Over-all inventory / all source categories:

Individual source categories:

  • Updating the database for emission factors of LCP (NFR 1.A)
  • Inclusion of particle exhaust emissions from gasoline-driven road vehicles (especially 1.A.3.b)
  • Revision of emission estimates for solid fuels in railways (1.A.3.c)
  • Particle Emissions from Coal Production (NFR 1.B.1.a)
  • Particle Emissions from Flaring in oil production plants and refineries (NFR 1.B.2.a)
  • VOC Emissions from Lignite Production (NFR 1.B.1.a)
  • VOCs from cleaning of tank cars (NFR 1.B.2)
  • Revision of Mineral Fertilizer Production (NFR 2.B.5 Other)
  • Relevance of NMVOC (NH3) from 6.B Wastewater (latrines)

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